How the heck do you say “Cow”?

Dinosaurs are objectively awesome. There’s really no way that can be sensibly disputed, it’s just a fact. Their names, however, are less so. While you get some really good names, like Tyrannosaurus or Velociraptor, evocative names which summon an instant and vivid picture, most dinosaur names are less powerful. “Deinonychus”, for example – I’m so … More How the heck do you say “Cow”?


Lunar Magic – Three

On the evening of Lily’s sixth birthday, a wizard left town. The day had passed, as days tended to, in a slow progression of games interrupted by occasional meals.  At lunch time, Mama had produced a spectacular cake, topped with butter icing, candied fruits, and six miniature candles burning on top.  Lily could still taste … More Lunar Magic – Three

Magical Notes – Six

It seems that I have been slipping of late, and publishing less often that I had intended.  It’s so easy to be distracted with other things and not bother with the tricky stuff like editing different sources together!  But here we are, anyway. I wasn’t expecting what happened at the end here.  Sometimes this world … More Magical Notes – Six

Perigee – Prologue

Okay, so I’m cheating a bit and putting this up late.  I’m also cheating because quite a bit of this was written a while ago.  That said, after the weekend I just had, I’m grateful that I can post anything at all. *** “Housecarls!  Ten paces forward!  Archers!  Hold your ground! “My sisters!  Beloved sisters, … More Perigee – Prologue